How it Began

History of Hotel Sooknirund

It was in the yesteryear of 1962 when the quiet city of Chiang Rai was still unexplored that our peaceful haven, Sooknirund came into being. Inviting travelers to discover Chiang Rai and experience the gracious hospitality we offer is what Sooknirund is all about. It all began 60 years ago and since then our doors have been open to all who seek a homely stay while on an expedition to unravel the secrets of Chiang Rai.

Being the very first hotel in this peaceful city, our property has evolved through 4 generations into the beauty it is now while preserving its long heritage in both the structure and feel of the premises. The edifice from when it was first set up remains on the outside, but on the inside is something extraordinary with elegant white surroundings to conserve the unchanging theme of the hotel. Elements like our glass-enclosed lift provide the perfect balance of modernity to our property design. All this combined makes Sooknirund the best place to stay in Chiang Rai for a memorable experience.